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Astrosphere -
The Mobile Planetarium

Astrosphere is a portable, inflatable planetarium that gives an accurate representation of the night sky.  At the heart of the planetarium is a digital projector that is capable of full dome projection of the night sky and video that displays the sky for any given day of the year, shows the motion of the stars and illustrates the constellations.  This can project the night sky for anywhere on earth as well as show full dome video.

The 5.5m dome is capable of accommodating 35 children or 25 adults, and is most often set up in a gymnasium, large multi-purpose room or hall.

Each program  is customized to your audience's needs. Astrosphere can be used in school by classes of every level, from Yr 1 to Yr 13 and beyond.

Unforgettable views, all year

Discover untouched beauty

Popular public attraction

For bookings please ~

Telephone 01773 776210 /
07946 119089
or complete Online Enquiry Form


Astrosphere also provides an attraction to public science events and meets the requirements of the Stargazers badge for Scout, Guides, Cubs and Brownies.

This is a great place for
our children to discover
the sky..

- Karl Jones, Head Teacher